The story of Yojad classifieds

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About yojad

Yojad is a classified ads portal for buying and selling new and used goods and services for free, yojad helps buyers find the best prices with the best quality, it also helps identify the best sellers through a rating system, on the other hand, sellers with a good KPIs will have a greater chance of appearing

Yojad started in 2019 as an idea and it has continued developing till now

What are the categories of yojad?

Real Estate
Mobiles And Tablets
Home Appliances
Furniture And Decor
Buy and Sell

What countries does yojad serve?

Egypt (working)
KSA (coming soon)
UAE (coming soon)
Bahrain (coming soon)
Kuwait (coming soon)
USA (coming soon)

Does yojad have a mobile app?

Yojad is a website, but the company has a short-term plan to develop an app for Android and IOS

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